Comparing Top Data Room Providers for Secure File Sharing

Secure file-sharing is the process of sharing files where they are protected from online threats and only accessible to those authorized by the file owner. Check the comparison of the top data room providers for secure file-sharing in the article below.

The benefits of data room providers for secure file-sharing

The modern work environment is a confusing array of devices and apps for every user, making it difficult to maintain access and security within an organization. VPN, once a must for an organization’s mobile workforce, has also ceased to meet the needs of remote and increasingly flexible workers, leading to exponential growth in the number of endpoints. Security risks have led to the endless addition of point solutions such as SSL-encrypted VPN, single sign-on, and endpoint management to keep up with new security scenarios.

When making management decisions in the process of file-sharing, the company’s management models the factors that affect, first of all, the level of costs in the short term. The implementation of such secure decisions should ensure the achievement of the enterprise’s goal, and the received cash income should satisfy the needs of all persons interested in the economic results of production: owners, creditors, managers, and employees.

The developers recommend using the virtual data room provider for critical business activities: mergers and acquisitions, audits, working with the personal information of public figures, as well as for protecting intellectual property. The virtual data rooms provide the following advantages for secure file-sharing:

    • data management in external memory;
    • management of transactions and parallel access;
    • data recovery;
    • data language support;
    • data access control;
    • data integrity support;
    • support of data independence;
    • data exchange support.

The list of the best VDR providers for secure file-sharing

Among the most reliable data room providers for file-sharing are the following:

      1. iDeals data room provider.

iDeals data room provider is a friendly multi-tasking system in a terminal window and the fastest way to copy, move or delete multiple files. It can also perform fast FTP and network file transfers. Other unique features are the ability to browse inside archives and recover files.

Thanks to version control and other functions, you can always be sure that your employees always receive the latest version of the document. Plus, their diverse reporting system is extremely helpful when you need insights into your data room. This is the highest level of security and customer support at a great price for both experienced users and beginners.

      1. Box data room.

Box data room improves the interaction of team members regardless of location and time. Most projects are the result of the hard work of a team of people working in tandem with each other to do something more efficiently than they could do alone.

      1. Citrix data room.

You may accidentally delete a large number of files. If this happens, the Citrix provider will send an appropriate notification, which will also include instructions on how to recover the files.

      1. Datasite software.

Accessing files shared by team members is as easy as navigating through folders using Datasite. Thanks to the customer-oriented approach to the design of administration tools, you will spend less time on software configuration and more time on the implementation of important strategic projects.