Executive Development Forum – Launches a Career Path Through an Executive Development Program

The National Association of Goldsmiths is holding an executive development forum from April through May. This will bring together goldsmiths and other executive development professionals from across the country for expert guidance on a variety of topics. Topics may include company leadership, personal career development, and issues with pay. The overall goal of the forum is to help all participants to improve their skills and knowledge about executive leadership and their own careers.

The Executive Development Forum will feature an assigned facilitator who will serve as the eminence, or middle person, in the case of a seminar or training session. The facilitator will act as the link between the seminar attendees, as well as the companies, and individual trainers. The facilitator will have a very important role in making sure that the whole event runs smoothly, as the attending companies would not benefit if there were glitches. The facilitator will work with the company to make sure that a balance is maintained among those who wish to attend, those who wish to leave, and those who are willing to work with the facilitator once they decide to attend the seminar or training session.

During the executive development forum, you will learn about the jewellery sector. You will gain insight into what is currently happening in the industry, and what the future may hold for this sector. You will learn the latest trends and how to keep up with the competition. Through this, you will be better informed about your jewellery-buying decisions, and your ability to make more informed decisions in the future. Through the many seminars and workshops held throughout the year, you can become an expert in your field, allowing you to grow and expand your business.

Wednesday, April 5th: This is the first of a series of workshops and seminars that the jewellery and business people of Calgary will take part in. On Wednesdays, the facilitators offer a discussion on the current state of the economy, with a view towards creating opportunities and securing the future for the working class. During the discussion, topics such as social media, the new business laws, and sustainability are discussed. This will help you better understand what is going on within the industry.

Wednesdays, May 7th: There will be a seminar organised by The Jet 1 School on Wednesdays, where past attendees of the entrepreneur program will get together with Calgary business people to discuss all the latest happenings, and to network with each other. Topics covered will include marketing trends, market analysis, business laws, and social media. This seminar will also explore the Calgary branding. This will give you a unique insight into the marketing strategies that work in Calgary. You can get ideas on how you can leverage on these trends to your advantage.

Thursdays, May 14th: The third of the seven-day series, entitled “CEOs and Entrepreneurs: Making the Right Decisions,” will take place in the historic Stampede Place. The theme this time is on building team spirit and leadership. Participants will learn from industry leaders including Mr. Andrew Carnegie, Mr. Bill Gates, and Mr. Warren Buffet on how they made their business success. Additionally, there will be special presentations by world-class jewellers and diamond grading companies. The event is organized by the Canadian Jewish News.

The Forum will start on Monday, May 11th, with a welcome session that includes a welcome speech by the Executive Chairperson and Secretary-General of the Board, plus the Executive Vice Presidents, and other key members. The forum will then move on to a presentation by Mr. Alex Katz, founder and CEO of Katz Deli (a renowned kosher deli chain), on “Leadership Development for Executives.” Mr. Katz will present a series of case studies on starting a food franchise and how he and his partner-investor, Dr. David Rosenfeld (an internationally recognized expert on food-chain management), used lessons learned to build the greatest restaurant in the world. Following the case study, there will be a question and answer session with the audience.

The forum will conclude with a special award ceremony and a reception. The evening activities will include a variety of presentations highlighting different aspects of jewellery for executives to wear on the job. The evening activities will also include the giving away of an exclusive award. There are many other interesting and unique events that can be planned for the event, which will depend on the interests of the company. In order to make sure that each company attending has something to get excited about, a pre-meeting dinner will be held before the main conference. This will provide an opportunity for individuals and families to relax with each other and get to know one another in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.