Using Executive Development Forums

The National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) is a professional organization that offers executive development programs to its members. These programs are designed to enhance the skills and abilities of the executive in management. There are many benefits to attending such a program. Some of them are listed below.

A: Full Board Education – The executive development forum is a free and open forum for all the members. The facilitator will visit each member’s workplace at least once during the course of the year. The facilitator will discuss the topics in class and give training sessions to those who would be interested in learning more. The facilitators will not only conduct one-on-one meetings, but they will hold group meetings for the entire membership at designated times. There will also be a mandatory monthly seminar for all the members to attend.

B: Build Customer Relationships – The forum can build good customer relationships and trust by introducing a new member to other important clients and associates of the association. The member can then take these clients to another business opportunity that the company represents. This can also be done by having an executive mentor introduce the new member to the other members of the organization. Through this process, the members will feel that they are in a trusting environment where they can learn and grow while building long-term relationships with their associates.

C: Improve Employee Knowledge and Skills – The forum will teach its members about accounting principles, communication skills and other managerial concepts that will make the executive more effective. The forum also introduces members to current and past leaders of the association. These presenters can provide tips on how the current management team can be better utilized so as to achieve company goals and objectives. The presentation will highlight areas where any improvements can be made.

D: Provide Opportunities For Team Building and Intranet Use – The members of the forum will receive training on how to use the Intranet. They will also learn how to develop strategic alliances and relationships within their organization. The forum will also provide opportunities for members to network with other local firms and corporations to exchange new skills and experiences. This can be done by hosting events, such as seminars or round table meetings that bring together the different firms and corporations to share knowledge and gain new skills.

E: Help the Executive Master Mental Skills – Each member of the executive council will have the opportunity to take a course that helps them improve their overall mental and emotional skills. This will help them get more accomplished and meet challenges in a more positive manner. The training could also help the executive to face issues head-on and deal with them more efficiently. Another skill enhancement that comes from the Intranet experience is the ability to learn new information quickly. This will make the executive more effective in their role and allow them to be more productive.

F: Enhance Leadership – The forum will teach its members how to be more effective in their position and increase their leadership skills. These members will also have the opportunity to attend seminars that specialize in leadership development. These seminars are usually held once a year and are geared toward a specific industry. This will give the executive a chance to attend seminars that focus on the past, present and future of the industry and its practices.

There are several other ways that the development forum can be used for corporate training purposes. It can also be used for rewarding exemplary employees, helping new team leaders to form good working relationships and fostering camaraderie within an already healthy work group. It will help the executive to improve his/her leadership skills.