The National Association of Goldsmiths has long been at the forefront of jewellery trade education Welcome to the National Association of Goldsmiths’ (N.A.G.) education website. The N.A.G. has been providing education and training to the retail jewellery industry since 1945. The Association’s educational programme now provides internationally recognised courses and qualifications for members of the industry, from trainees up to proprietors and senior staff.The importance of education
cannot be over-estimated. Members of the sales team with recognised trade qualifications have higher self-esteem and better sales records.

Our courses cover a range of topics from basic product and selling-skills knowledge through to management and valuation expertise.Why study with us?
JET qualifications are internationally recognised qualifications that equip students with indispensable practical knowledge Our courses and qualifications are written by industry experts with extensive experience ‘on the shop floor’
Distance learning and flexibility of enrolment means your learning can fit around existing commitments

Our courses are a fundamental element of training for many leading retail jewellers

Our expert course tutors provide detailed guidance and support through the programme of study

Please contact us for further information on our qualifications. We would be happy to talk through the training options open to you or your employees.
The National Association of Goldsmiths provides a series of distance learning courses for the jewellery industry.

With the exception of the Certificate of Appraisal Training, these courses are all termed ‘JET’, short for Jewellery Education and Training. They cover a range of topics from basic product and selling skills through to business and valuation expertise. Most JET courses can be commenced at any time of year to suit the participant.

N.A.G. members are offered significant discounts on our courses. New JET2 format

We are just about to launch a new format JET2 course. The NAG Professional Jewellers’ Diploma has long been seen as the industry gold standard. The Diploma qualification is divided into two separate courses known as JET1 and JET2. Previously, the second part of the Diploma, JET2, has always been made up of a series of demanding assignments followed by a lengthy exam.

After much deliberation and research into educational alternatives, The NAG Education and Training Committee has decided that the exam should no longer be part of the JET2 assessment. When the new course begins it will take the form of 7 written assignments followed by a more in depth research project along the lines of a concise dissertation. We concluded that such methods of assessing learning encourage more sophisticated analysis and independent learning.

The new course will begin in February. Those students wishing to enrol in January can do so but they will not be able to register until February.

It is essential that the JET2 course continues to be as rigorous and demanding as it has always been. We will ensure that this happens by continually updating the assessment and course materials.

We are really excited by the new JET2 design and the possibilities that it brings us and our students. If you have any comments on the new course design please email kate Madelin, Education and Training Manager at [email protected]

Professional Jewellers’ Diploma (JET 1 Certificate & JET 2 Diploma) This course is packed with information on effective selling designed to boost profit and bring repeat

Get all the practical skills that a retail jeweller needs including selling, hallmarking and more in two seperate courses known as JET 1 and JET 2.

This programme has been proven to lead to enhanced customer service, consumer confidence and sales.

As the course is online, students have their own online learning environment to submit assignments and manage their studies from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser.

Professional Jewellers’ Management Diploma (JETPlus)
Our newly redesigned management course will develop your skills and allow you to progress in your career. JETPlus is a distance learning course aimed at supervisors, team leaders and junior managers. This is the course for you if you are in your first management position or are looking to acquire the management skills needed to stand out from your colleagues.

On a practical level, the course includes a learning guide and is presented in six modules. There are six work based assignments to aid the transfer of learning back in to the workplace. You can enroll at any time of year and the course will take approximately 12 months. Professional Jewellers’ Business Development Diploma (JETPro)
JETPro is a modular, distance learning course which covers all the main areas a retail jeweller needs to understand to have a sustainable and profitable business.

JETPro contains a range of management and business development subjects from which you can either select a few or get maximum benefit from the full suite of modules. This flexibility allows you to concentrate on specific areas of concern for your business or focus on areas which will realize its full potential.

Taking all six modules will equip you with the knowledge required to develop a complete and implementable business plan which will make a real difference to your business and to your bottom line. Certificate of Appraisal Theory (CAT) CAT is a modular programme of study with a self-learning approach that teaches the basic theories, methodologies and good working practices needed to become a competent valuer.

During this programme, the CAT student will learn to understand and appreciate the basic approaches to determine value, the forces that create, diminish and/or influence value, as well as how to seek, find and interpret comparables. The various components (or elements) of the written valuation will be fully explained, which will include how to write a skilful and succinct descriptive narrative to support the value conclusion determined.

Some would call this valuation science, but basically it teaches the theory of how to value. In fact, a lot of the theory and methodologies that will be taught could almost be applied to valuing anything at all. However, we do need to stress that the programme absolutely does NOT qualify a candidate or student to become a jewellery valuer.